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Who is Anski?

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m Anski, papercrafter, blogger and a graphic designer from Kuopio, Finland. I write this blog mostly in Finnish, but at the end of every post, you can find a short translation in English too!

My hobbies are papercrafting, photographing, hiking and adventuring in the forest, fishing, gaming and other geek-stuff, reading, travelling and dreaming about travelling. On the sporty side most of my time goes to going to the gym, running and riding my bike.

What do I blog about?

Here in my blog I write about stuff that interests and inspires me. In the main role are my crafts; showing my papercrafts and of course talking about them. I mostly scrapbook and make cards and minialbums. Besides these I do other crafting too, and show my tips and tutorials concerning all papercrafting.

Besides crafting I like photographing. My blog is full of photos from my adventures, mostly from hiking and fishing trips in beautiful Finnish nature. I also blog about my travels to abroad. In my blog you can find my game-reviews, outfit posts of my style, stories about our Jesse-cat and Haiku-dog and read about the latest things that inspire me.

I began writing cute & cool creations papercrafting blog in autumn 2008. Since then the subjects of the posts and my blog have expanded. Now crafting is not the only subject I write about, so I have quite a mix going on in here! But the original idea of the blog is still present: I want my blog to be a place to inspire and give great tips, regarding all hobbies, with a positive attitude!

Questions, thoughts?

If you stop by, leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you. All comments are appreciated. Also if there’s any readers out there outside Finland and you would like to know something more that is not translated in the posts, or you didn’t understand, please ask! Also if you are interested in my workshops (I can also speak and teach in English) or blog-collaboration, e-mail me!




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